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It’s our 15th Birthday! Join us for our Preserve Days Celebration.

Photo of a sixteen inch brown trout.

The Rivers of the Valles Caldera

The San Antonio Creek and the East Fork of the Jemez River run through the heart of the Preserve and provide some great fly fishing for beginners and experts. As the rivers meander through lush mountain meadows they create miles of pools and overhanging banks, which are home to thousands of trout. The views and quiet serenity are also well worth the fishing trip.

The San Antonio Creek begins in the northern part of the Preserve and runs west where it meets up with the Jemez River. The San Antonio is a tale of two rivers. The northern stretch is only two feet wide in some areas with few trees and shrubs to cover a fisherman’s approach. The river widens at the lower end and flows over long, gravel bed shallows. The crystal clear water and lack of cover require stealth and an accurate cast to catch that big brown or rainbow trout.

East Fork begins its journey in the eastern end of the Valle Grande and runs past the Valle Grande Staging Area (VGSA) where you will check in. The East Fork presents the same challenges as the San Antonio and is home to brown and rainbow trout that grow as large at 18”. If you wish you can pick a stretch of the river where you can enjoy a short hike from the VGSA to your assigned fishing hole.

As the East Fork flows southwest through the Valle Grande it is joined by Jaramillo Creek. The narrow Jaramillo also hides many large trout under the grass banks that overhang the crystal-clear water. The confluence of the East Fork and Jaramillo waters provides an ideal feeding area for trout creates a near perfect fishing hole. The East Fork continues its journey under the main entrance to the Preserve (VCO1) and then into a secluded valley as it exits the property. There the river widens, deepens, and slows, creating an excellent habitat for large trout.

Trout Fishing

The fishing program is designed to provide personal flexibility while protecting the unique fishing resources for the future. Fisherman cannot use live bait and are restricted to single-point, barbless hooks and artificial lures. Also to minimize the chance of introducing Whirling Disease which is fatal to fish, waders and privately owned nets are not permitted. Generally these restrictions do not significantly impact fishing because there are many narrow areas that allow easy crossing and most of the fish can be landed without a net. However, if you want a net we can loan one to you. There is a bag limit for each stream with catch and release rules in effect for the San Antonio Creek in 2014.

Reserve a Date to Fish

Reservations can be made by selecting from the available dates or calling our reservation specialists at 866.382.5537.

Fishing Guides

Anglers may want to contract directly with an approved fishing guide. All financial arrangements will include your outfitting needs and all fees. Once an angler has contracted a guide no additional fees are paid directly to the Preserve.

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