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People riding on a red sleigh.


Visit the Valles Caldera National Preserve at a gentle speed — from a horse-drawn wagon or sleigh. Matched draft horses take you through the historical ranch headquarters area along the edge of the Valle Grande. The ride lasts about 60 minutes. From aboard, you’ll experience the elements, the solitude of winter, and possibly the wildlife of the Preserve. A guide will show how humans and wildlife have withstood the rigors of winter and how sleds and wagons were once a means of survival.

The winter season offers a completely different experience found only in the vast snow-covered expanse of the largest valle on the preserve. You may spot wintering birds, the ever-present coyote and herds of elk if the snow isn’t too deep. All share in the bounty of the preserve in any season.

Horse-drawn tours are a great alternative for those who are seeking an outdoor winter experience of a shorter duration and with less exertion than skiing or snowshoeing. Reservations go online in late October with ride dates scattered throughout December, January, and February. The holiday dates sell out quickly, so make your reservations early! (Note: When the route does not have deep enough compacted snow, a wagon will be used instead of the sleigh.)

"I look back on our wagon ride as one of the most lovely outdoor experiences I’ve ever had. It was a unique way to travel through a gorgeous and varied landscape and allowed us to savor it at an unhurried pace."

Carol Miller
Los Angeles, CA

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