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It’s our 15th Birthday! Join us for our Preserve Days Celebration.
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Give your students the opportunity to learn in an 89,000-acre classroom! The Trust’s education staff offers a variety of unique k-12 education programs that compliment education standards through outdoor activities, games, and experiences. Please note that some education programs may not be possible during the winter season once the snow arrives.

Education Programs with a Valles Caldera Ranger:

*Entrance fee will be waived for bona fide academic institutions participating in Valles Caldera education programs, see reservation application for details.*

Academic Use Permit/Fee Waiver:

This option is perfect for education groups desiring access to the Preserve, without participating in a Valles Caldera ranger led education program. For example, a high school science teacher wishing to conduct water sampling on the Preserve.

If you have any questions about our educational programming please feel free to contact us.

Hey teachers! Check out the teacher resource website created to compliment the award-winning documentary Valles Caldera: The Science.

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