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Public Access and Use

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Project Home

Proposed Action:

To construct a visitor and interpretive center as the main point of access to the Preserve.  The visitor and interpretive center would include connected ancillary facilities and infrastructure such as parking, interpretive trails, overlooks, and motorized access onto the Preserve.

We are also considering programmatic direction to guide or prescribe the development of future infrastructure, programs, and facilities to support public access and use on the preserve.


Purpose and Need:

The purpose of the Public Access and Use stewardship action is to expand the current level of public access and use on the preserve, while preserving its natural and cultural resources/values and to provide quality outdoor recreation and interpretive opportunities that promote long-term financial self-sustainability consistent with the goals of the Valles Caldera Preservation Act.

Responsible Official:

Executive Director                                                                                                    

Target Start Date:

Fall 2012                                                                                                    

Actual Start Date:


Target Completion Date:

Until Revised or Rescinded                                                              

Actual Completion Date:





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